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The Heart of KST Business Solutions

Meet our owner

Kat Sloan

Owner Extraordinaire!

Kat Sloan is a force to be reckoned with! With over 27 years in customer service, administration and sales experience, she has the know-how to keep any business in the forefront of the customer's minds.
At the age of 19 she was one of the top reps with the arts in Vancouver, raising over $2 million in subscriptions in a year. She was promoted to manager at the age of 20, becoming the youngest manager in the company history and running a call centre of twenty five and making it one of the top producing centres within a couple of months. 
After years of success, a medical condition caused her to work from home. It was during this time she had a revelation: why not start her own company to help small business owners who work from home find a balance with the tasks they do that they love and those they don't love at all?  
In January of 2007, with her health back to 100%, Kat followed her passion for customer service, paperwork, and helping others, and started KST Business Solutions. She has been working to bring balance to businesses ever since!
With her outgoing personality she is able to make people feel comfortable on the phone while remaining completely professional. Kat's high standards and exceptional work ethic help to ensure that your needs and the needs of your customers are met to your satisfaction.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

What A VA Can Do For Your Business

The key word is "Virtual". A Virtual Assistant is responsible for handling the same duties an in-house assistant would. The difference is, since our Virtual Assistants works from our office it cuts your time and cost. We complete your work as it arrives and when you require it which means you are not paying someone to sit in your office when they have noting to do.
There are many ways our Virtual Assistants can assist your business. The most common ways are:
 - Creating and maintaining your business contacts and customer databases. Creation, if needed, of a Constant Contact account.
- Creating Invoices and collecting of past due invoices - We can also act as an editor to ensure the invoices are correct and there are no errors, misprints or omissions on each invoice
 - Bookkeeping, payroll, and all things QuickBooks
- Organizing and maintaining your appointment schedule and making it easily accessible and understandable
- Contacting your current customers on a monthly basis and ensuring they are satisfied with the services they received
- Contacting past customers on a monthly basis to ensure their needs are being met and keep your name fresh in their minds. This can be done by email newsletter or phone call.
- Follow up on any shipments made to ensure delivery and satisfaction
- Follow up on any email requests made through your website or other areas

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