Kat Sloan, LGS                      

Kat Sloan is the owner, founder and CEO of KST. Specializing in administration and lead generation, Kat uses her 25+ years of knowledge in the field of customer service, administration and communications to aid businesses in their growth. With her outgoing personality she is able to make people feel comfortable on the phone while remaining completely professional. Kat’s high standards and exceptional work ethic help to ensure that your needs and the needs of  your customers are met to your satisfaction. Kat began her career with the arts in Vancouver, working such campaigns as the Vancouver Playhouse, Symphony, Opera, Ballet and Knowledge Network where she was personally responsible for over $2 million in sales over a 2 year period. At the age of 20 she was promoted to manager, becoming one of the youngest in the company’s history. By the age of 26, she had been promoted to director of human resources while still managing two call centre teams consisting of 15 reps each.After a serious car accident and facing an illness that almost took her life, Kat’s focus then turned to getting herself well. Once she regained her life she found the workforce was not offering her positions that she felt passionate about. After several months of trial and error she felt the final “push” to freedom and running her own business, doing the thing she loved most. Kat can relate to the small to mid-sized business owner who is trying to wear all the that’s at the same time, and knows just how to “take the load off” you, as the owner, to empower you to work in your areas of strength with your business. Because of what Kat has experienced in working for other companies, she can fully understand exactly how to help you to get those customers you want.With her passion for helping others and love of phone work, marketing and communications, Kat strives to expand her skills and knowledge to assist other businesses in their growth. She has recently been certified as an Inbound Marketer and is currently study Bookkeeping in order to be able to better service our customers.



Byron Talbot

Kat’s “Right Hand Man” and Managing Director in outdoor services, Byron uses his many years as an entrepreneur to assist Kat with the day-to-day operations of the business. He works behind the scenes with other team members to ensure client’s needs are being met to the fullest.